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C-Force is a movement and conditioning program designed to develop functional movement patterns, burn fat, and improve speed and stamina in the most efficient manner. 

This class includes a general warm up with mobility followed by an intense workout. The workouts incorporate kettlebell, plyometric, body sculpting, and traditional sports and conditioning training. 

Members will be training to achieve their goals of building lean muscle and gaining strength, while improving their metabolism.

Member : Coach Ratio — 20 : 1 

Class Length — 1 Hour 

Level All Athletes


Our CrossFit class is premium fitness, strength, and conditioning. We use weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman, powerlifting, and endurance training at a high intensity to produce the best results.

The class is designed to build strength and prepare for multiple modalities of fitness. Each class consists of a warm up, strength or skill portion, and will finish with our metabolic conditioning piece called the Daily WOD (Workout of the Day).

NOTE: Those that have never done CrossFit before will be required to attend our Fundamentals course prior to class attendance.

Member : Coach Ratio  12 : 1 or 20 : 2 

Class Length — 1 Hour 

Level  All Athletes


The Fundamentals course is a four-session, pre-requisite class to joining the Circuit+ CrossFit class. The goal of this class is to teach you the foundational concepts and movements of CrossFit so that you are ready to kick ass in class. 

NOTE: We require 100% attendance of all four sessions. Any missed sessions must be made up with a private training session (25KD).

Member : Coach Ratio — 4 : 1 

Class Length — 1 Hour 

Level — All Athletes


Build is a program aimed at developing muscular definition and size. We use a variety of equipment from barbells to dumbbells to target all major muscle groups. The class is run in a partner super setting style and is capped at 12 athletes to ensure you get the best coaching during the session.

Member : Coach Ratio — 12 : 1 

Length — 1 hour 

Level — Intermediate to Advanced



Gulf Road

Address: Floor 3, View Building, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2205 3232

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 6am-8am, 12pm-9pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 12pm-8pm



Address: Street 14, Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2228 2208

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 6am-8am, 12pm-10pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 12pm-9pm


Gulf Road

Address: Floor 4, View Building, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2205 3231

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 7am-9am, 12pm-9pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 10am-6pm

Floor 3, Circuit+ Crossfit Gulf Men

Floor 4, Circuit+ Crossfit Gulf Women

Circuit+ Crossfit Shuwaikh Men



Gulf Road

Address: Floor 3, View Building, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2205 3232

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 6am-8am, 12pm-9pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 12pm-8pm


Address: Street 14, Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2228 2208

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 6am-8am, 12pm-10pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 12pm-9pm


Gulf Road

Address: Floor 4, View Building,  Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2205 3231

Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 7am-9am, 12pm-9pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 10am-6pm

Circuit+ Crossfit Men

Circuit+ Crossfit Women

The perfect place
to align your mind
body and soul.


This practice combines movement and stillness to bring awareness to the breath while providing an intense physical exercise. You will move through a series of standing sequences, seated postures, backbends, forward bends and twists while engaging the breath. This mind/body practice fosters a deeper connection to the self.

Member : Coach Ratio — 15 : 1


This class offers a quiet, meditative practice within the deep and divine world of yoga. We emphasize long held seated postures that release tension in the connective tissues, fascia and muscles of the body, with a warm candlelit ambiance to foster an internal connection. 

Balance your energy, increase flexibility, and go deep within.

Member : Coach Ratio — 15 : 1


This practice focuses on building core strength through a variety of movements, while also targeting your full body’s muscles to achieve a long, lean physique.

Member : Coach Ratio — 15 : 1


This practice uses balanced, isometric strength training to create a stronger core, leaner legs, and better posture giving you the dancer’s figure you crave, even if you can’t dance.

Member : Coach Ratio — 12 : 1 


This class is set to energizing music that incorporates light weights, squats, and lunges. You will experience a total body workout designed to work each major muscle group while simultaneously focusing on flexibility, balance, and cardio.

Member : Coach Ratio — 15 : 1 



Address: Street 4, Lilly Center, Shuwaikh Industrial, Kuwait

Phone: +965 6604 5273

Business Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm • Friday: Closed • Saturday: 12pm – 8pm

Circuit+ Yoga Women



Address: Street 4, Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Kuwait

Phone: +965 6604 5273

Business Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 12PM – 8PM • Friday: Closed

Circuit+ Yoga



1 month* — KD 85

3 months* — KD 80^

6 months** — KD 66^

12 months*** — KD 50^

*no hold allowed

**2 weeks hold allowed

***1 month hold allowed

^per month

Day Pass

1 Pass — KD10

5 Passes* — KD 8^

10 Passes* — KD 5^

*one month expiration

^per class

1per location

Greatness is at the core of Circuit+. Our goal is to inspire our clients to become the best version of themselves: physically, mentally, emotionally. Our team is made up of coaches, trainers, and teachers who embody knowledge, expertise, and personal development. Our people are at the heart of our success. Each member of our team has the opportunity to inspire, lead, coach, and develop clients, as well as each other, every single day.

Circuit+ emerged in the fitness industry in June 2012. We currently have three Circuit+ CrossFit locations also offering CrossFit, C-Force, Barbell Club, and Build classes. Circuit+ Yoga offers Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes.

The Circuit+ vision is to create a joined community, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide athletes with the best coaching available. Our coaching staff is made up of fitness professionals from around the globe whose goals are to ensure safe and effective training, while maximizing motivation.

If you believe you are ready to coach, teach, inspire, and lead our growing community of athletes, contact us at to talk about opportunities within the Circuit+ community. You can also view our open positions and apply directly here.

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